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Dear John and Judy,

We recently moved back to Australia into our new house which has a pool. Both my children started lessons with you, for the first time in May '07.

I am writing to tell you of an incident which happened with my daughter Angelina in late July of this year. I was with Angelina in our pool area tidying the yard and cleaning the leaves off our pool. I was scooping the leaves from the pool surface and looked down for a second when Angelina fell into our pool. Our pool is 12m long and 1-2m deep.

Angelina was on the opposite side of the pool and by the time I reached her she had pulled herself out and was crying on the side. A child should never be around a pool unsupervised, but even supervised, things happen quickly. I was amazed at how quickly Angelina reacted.

Both of my children enjoy swimming with you and at 2 years 8 months and only 3 months worth of lessons, Angelina was able to think for herself and pull herself out of the pool, something she practices with Sarah every week in her lesson. No child should ever be left unattended around the water, but even when supervised things happen very quickly. Thank you for teaching swimming, it is a skill that can save lives in more ways than we think.


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