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Other Programs

We have a range of other programs we have on offer at Billabong Swim School:

Holiday Intensive Program - H.I.P


Description: As children learn more quickly when an activity is repeated, lessons are given every day for 5 days over one week during the Summer school holidays for a reduced fee. This enables the muscle memory of the swimmer to be able to retain the skill more effectively. The holiday program produces significant results, especially for children who are either new swimmers, or those looking to improve on their swimming skills.

Class Size: 4-5 swimmers max.

Duration: 30 minutes (45 minutes for Makos) everyday for 5 days in addition to their normal scheduled lessons.

This program is available for students in all levels at Billabong Swim School. Please contact reception for more information about this program. 


Carnival Prep Class

Description: Usually in the Summer school holidays we will run a Carnival Preparation Class for children swimming at Dolphin, Stingray, Swordfish and Mako levels. The class focuses on Starts and Turns and helps to build children's confidence in swimming in an outdoor heated 25 meter pool, which is the setting of most school carnivals.

Class Size: 6 swimmers max. per session

Duration: 30 minutes

Please contact reception for more information about this program.

Carnival Prep.
Friday Night Races

Friday Night Races


Description: Friday Night Races are a fun way to introduce children to swimming competitions in relaxed conditions. We engage the students to focus onself-improvement, with awards being presented for personal best times and placings. All children currently enrolled in Dolphin, Stingray, Swordfish or Mako can be involved.

Times: 5pm for registration. 5:30pm races start. 1.5 hour approx. duration.

These only run twice a year in the warmer months (6 sessions October - December and 6 sessions Feb - April). Please contact reception for more information about this program.



Description: Rainbow Fish is for our children with special needs and abilities that make our world colourful and unique! They mostly swim in one on one classes with a teacher, but some of our Rainbow Fish may be mainstreamed into the regular classes. An individualised program is developed for each child as to their ability to see, hear, comprehend and follow directions. These swimmers will be extended as far as their ability will allow. One of our Rainbow Fish may someday be a future Special Olympian or Para-olympian!! 

Class Size: 1 unless mainstreamed then 5 max.

Duration: 30 minutes

 Please contact reception for more information about this program.

Rainbow Fish

Rainbow Fish
Adult Swimming

Adult Swimming

Description: We offer adult classes for adults who would like to build confidence in the water and need assistance learning correct breathing and stroke correction. These classes can be one-on-one or in a group depending on your needs.

​For more information about this program or to book a lesson, please contact reception.

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