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Facilities and FAQ

Billabong Swim School at Casuarina Rec Club
  • What will my child need to bring to their lesson?
    All Swimmers require a suitable swimsuit (no long sleeves/rashies please) and towel. Additional requirements by level are listed below: Billabong Babies and Little Fish: Parents/carers are in the water in these classes, so appropriate swimwear/towels etc. for both child and adult. If your child is still in nappies, they will need a swim nappy (disposable or reusable). A swim nappy alone, without any other swimwear, is acceptable for babies and toddlers if you prefer. Tadpoles, Guppies, Froggies, Platypus, Dolphin, Stingray: If your child is still in nappies, they will need a swim nappy for lessons. Swimmers will need their own pair of goggles. If their hair is long enough to cover their eyes when wet, they will need a swimming cap. Swordfish: Swordfish swimmers will need goggles, a cap, and their own flippers (fins). Makos/Squad: Goggles and cap. Kickboard, flippers/fins, pull buoy. We sell all of the above items in reception if you need to purchase anything.
  • Payment options
    We accept cash and EFTPOS in the office (EFTPOS payments under $10 attract a surcharge). We also have online payment facilities through the customer portal and direct deposit options.
  • Aqua Aerobics (Aqua Fit)  
    We are currently not running any aqua aerobics or aqua fit programs. Movement Health Club runs aqua fit programs as part of their gym membership. Please contact them on 02 6674 9966 for more information.
  • Baby Change Facilities 
    We have heated baby change tables located in the covered teaching pool area. There is one baby change table in the disabled toilet. We sell disposable and reusable waterproof nappies at reception. Please see reception for pricing.
  • Board Shorts 
    No board shorts please! They weigh the children down and restrict leg movement. Remember we are tying to develop good kicking skills!!
  • Cancellations, Missed Lessons and Make Up Classes
    Please notify us as soon as you can if you need to cancel your lesson. Unlike some swim schools, Billabong Swim School has a make-up policy. We need everyone’s cooperation for this policy to work, so please read the following carefully. We do charge for missed lessons, but we have a pretty flexible make up policy, that gives you 3 months to catch up on missed lessons as long as you remember to cancel. Whenever feasible, please let us know as early as possible when you need to cancel a lesson. Even if your child wakes up sick that morning, this will enable someone else to book a make-up lesson in your absence. You can cancel a lesson through the customer portal/ app (this is our preferred method). You can also call or send a text and someone will respond as soon as possible. When the roll is marked for that lesson, a make-up token will be generated, which can be redeemed through the customer portal, or in the office to attend an extra class. All make-ups must be used within 3 months and as we have limited places, all make-ups that are not cancelled or attended will be counted. You may cancel a make-up prior to the booked time. We often have a waiting list for make-ups so it is important that we enforce this policy in order for it to work. You must be currently enrolled in the program to take advantage of the make-up policy and cannot use a make up in place of your regular class.
  • Certificates
    Certificates are awarded as the children progress through each of the swimming levels. Students also are awarded certificates for Swimmer of the Month and the Holiday Intensive Program (HIP).
  • Change Rooms 
    The male & female change rooms are shared with Movement Health Club and located outside at the far end of the gym. The change rooms are fitted with toilet and shower facilities, as well as change benches and lockers.
  • Class Sizes 
    We keep the class sizes small at Billabong Swim School so that your child is given maximum teaching time. Water Babies the class size is 7 children (plus parents/carers), Pre-School program - 4 per class. School-Age program - Starfish: 4 per class, Platypus and Dolphins: 5 per class, Stingrays and above: 7 per class.
  • Daylight Savings Time 
    Billabong Swim School operates on Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDST) as the Casuarina Pool is located within NSW. If you reside in QLD your lesson time will be one hour earlier during the Summer months.
  • Drinks 
    We sell water, some juices, sports drinks and softdrinks in the reception area for your convenience. Check with reception for pricing. Swimmers in stroke development levels may have water bottles at the pool's edge.
  • Fees 
    Fees are paid on a monthly basis and are due at the beginning of the month. They may be paid online through our customer portal or electronic bank transfer, or at reception by cash or EFTPOS. Please contact reception for fee pricing. Account Name: Billabong Swim School BSB Number: 484-799 Account Number: 054 510 143 Reference: Please use the first and last name of the eldest swimming. If you wish, you may email remittance to:
  • Floatation Devices 
    We do not use any floatation devices in any lessons except for the use of kick boards and noodles which we provide for the swimmer's lessons.
  • Free Lesson & Assessment 
    The free lesson and assessment is scheduled to one free lesson and assessment per child that is not currently enrolled in the Billabong Swim School Program. Please contact us for more information regarding this.
  • Gift Certificates
    We have gift certificates (we call them: "The Gift Of Life") available for purchase at the reception. These entitle the certificate bearer a given number of lessons.
  • Goggles 
    We encourage all swimmers to wear goggles, preferably clear goggles since we are an indoors and outdoors pool, the teachers would like to be able to see the student's eyes. Please not face mask type as they are too big and clunky and often leak. Goggles can be purchased from the reception. Check with reception for pricing.
  • Holding Fees 
    A holding fee is a reduced rate that holds your child's spot in their current class, time and day. This fee can only be applied if you are to be absent for two or more consecutive weeks. Please inform reception prior to the planned absence. A holding fee cannot be applied if you are to be absent for just one weekly class. Make up tokens are not generated for 'held' classes.
  • Holiday Intensive Program (HIP) 
    Children learn more quickly when an activity is repeated, this enables the muscle memory of the child to be able to retain the skill more effectively. While we continue our regular lessons throughout the holidays - we can usually find spots in existing classes for families wanting extra lessons when they are not at school. Lessons can be taken up to 6 days a week during the school holidays. We offer the additional lessons at a reduced rate. Contact reception for more information. This offer is also available during school term if needed.
  • Jobs 
    Occasionally we may look for new staff to join our team either in the water teaching or on reception duties. Please send a resume/CV to and Judy will be in touch with you if we think you would make a good candidate.
  • Lesson Formats 
    Each lesson follows a set format which is kept on a strict time limit for each of the skills learnt during the lesson. Ensure you are on time for your child's lesson so they do not miss the skills that are covered at the beginning of the lesson.
  • Levels
    We run two learn to swim programs at Billabong Swim School, the Pre-School program and the School-Age program. As the student's swimming skills progress, they progress up through the ability levels for their age group. See the Swim Program section of this website for more information, or ask at reception for a levels flyer. For older students we have stroke development / technique groups and adult classes. Please ask reception for more information.
  • Observations 
    We welcome parents to watch the student's lesson from the pool's edge on the benches provided. Please try not to disturb the students while they are in their lesson and direct any queries to the supervising staff outside of the pool or the receptionist on duty.
  • Parking 
    Parking is available at the front of the Movement Health Club and Kiosk Cafe. Some street parking is available in the surrounding streets.
  • Progress 
    As our swim school runs to a tight schedule we urge parents to ask at reception for a progress report about their child. We will discuss your child's progress with their teacher and then contact you shortly after with information regarding your child's progress. We thank you in advance for your cooperation. For adult swimmers your progress will be discussed directly with your coach.
  • Rash Vests 
    Rash vests are not needed as our pool is very warm. Similar to board shorts, they restrict movement and we are trying to develop good rotation in the shoulders. Exceptions would be Waterbabies and some Tadpoles.
  • Reception 
    Our reception is where you check in before you take the student's to their class. If reception is busy, get the student's into their lesson and then let reception know that you are here. Also if you need to cancel for any reason, please call us ahead and let our reception know. If we miss your call, please leave a message or send a text and someone will return your call as soon as possible. Reception is our main method of communication while Judy, John and the other teachers are in the pool. Please don't hesitate to raise any questions with reception and we will endeavour to answer your query as soon as possible. We offer a range of snacks and drinks for purchase at reception. See the receptionist for pricing. Also available for purchase is a limited range of swimming related merchandise such as goggles, swimming caps and waterproof nappies. You can also pickup current newsletters and any current informational flyers at reception.
  • Showers 
    Both the male and female change rooms have showering facilities. Please ensure not to leave children unattended as this is a shared facility with the Movement Health Club.
  • Swimming Caps 
    Students with all lengths of hair are welcome to swim and learn at Billabong Swim School. We highly recommend students with long hair or a long fringe to cover their hair with a swimming cap. This enables the teacher to be able to see your child clearly, and allows the student to focus on their swimming skills and not have to worry about their wet hair covering their eyes, goggles and faces all the time. See reception for a limited range of swimming caps.
  • Swimming Costumes 
    The best costumes for weekly swimming are Speedos Endurance as they last in chlorinated water types and are a great robust swimming costume for all occasions. Rash vests, board shorts and any other loose style swimsuits are not suitable for swimming lessons, as they can restrict movement in the legs and shoulders and limit the ability to develop good stroke techniques. We sell waterproof nappies (disposable and reusable) for babies and toddlers.
  • Swimmer of the Month 
    Each month a student or two from each level in the entire program are selected for swimmer of the month. These are children who have shown tremendous achievement in their swimming ability. The children are awarded a certificate and have their names printed in the newsletter.
  • Sponsors 
    We are always looking for new and upcoming sponsors and are happy to talk with any companies or organisations that may like to negotiate a sponsorship program with us.
  • Water Quality & Temperature
    At Billabong Swim school we strive to keep the best quality water found in any swim school on the Tweed coast. We test our water inhouse daily as well as have an independent water test also completed daily to maintain a perfect quality of water for your child to enjoy their learning experience. The Casuarina Pool is chlorinated and monitored so that the water doesn't sting the eyes or cause skin irritation. Dip your hand in next time you are beside the pool and feel for yourself!! We keep the water at an average 31-32 degress centigrade all year round in the indoor small pool, and an average 28-30 degrees centigrade in the outdoor pool, so that lessons can be comfortable throughout all seasons of the year.
  • Can I view the lesson timetable online?
    If you're looking for a spot in Billabong Babies (from 3 months) or Tadpoles (from 2 and a half), you can click the 'Book Now' button at the top of the website, to view availability and even book into to a class. If you're looking for a higher level class, you can book an assessment time through that link as well.
  • Do you offer adult classes?
    Enquiries for adult lessons can be directed to Graham on 0428795726
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