Learn to Swim - Preschool Age

Our small, graded classes provide the perfect environment for preschoolers to gain life saving swimming skills. Our preschool  program includes the following levels: Tadpoles, FroggiesGuppies & Dolphin Pups.

Billabong Babies & Little Fish technically belong in the PreSchool program as well however for ease to find information we have separated it to our water confidence section.

Tadpoles/ Starfish


Description: Tadpoles are 2 1⁄2 to 5 years old. These children vary in ability. Some may be afraid of the water, while others may be ready to swim independently. Each child is taught according to their capabilities. Tadpoles will learn to enjoy the water and to paddle to and from with ease. The goal of the class is to teach each child to be confident, but also respectful of the water. Tadpoles are learning how to take turns and listen to instructions from the teacher. When promoted from Tadpoles, the parent should be able to sit on the side of the pool while the child plays independently in the water. A Tadpole should be able to get a pop up breath whenever needed and rollover into a back float if necessary. A rollover includes a back float, recovery and the ability to return to the side of the pool or a platform. 

Class Size: 4 swimmers max.

Duration: 30 minutes

Promotion Skills:

  • Swimming independently with popup breathing in deep water

  • Back float and return to safety

  • Rollover with minor assistance

Time Table: Monday through Saturday mornings at Casuarina pool, as well as limited spaces Monday to Friday afternoons. For more information about class times, please contact us.


Description: These children are advanced Tadpoles who are under 4 years old to approximately 4 1⁄2. They often have not developed the listening skills, physical development and/or motor coordination to advance to Guppies. They are very confident in the water, but do not have the arm length and long legs to work on the big arms and strong kicks at a comfortable level. In this class, we will continue to strengthen their confidence, swimming strength and endurance as well learn new skills such as diving, treading water, and dolphin kicks. They will be introduced to the overarm freestyle and back kicking. 

Class Size: 4 swimmers

Duration: 30 minutes

Promotion Skills: At 4 and a half years of age or when the teacher and parents decides that the child is ready to progress.

Timetable: Wednesday & Friday mornings as well as limited spaces in the afternoons at the Casuarina pool, but subject to change on availability. For more information about class times, please contact us.


Description: Guppies are between four and six years old and can swim independently on their front with continuous and confident breaths (pop ups) and are able to float on their back independently. In this class they will be developing good body positioning, strong flutter kicks on their front and back and the overarm freestyle. They will also learn additional skills such as dolphin kicking, somersaults, treading water and diving in deep water. Children will be advanced to Platypus when they are six years of age or to Dolphin when they have achieved the promotion skills. 

Class Size: 4 swimmers

Duration: 30 minutes

Promotion Skills:

  • 6 metres of continuous Freestyle arms with good body position and strong kicks (no side breathing)

  • 6 metres of back kicking with good body position

Timetable: Most Monday to Saturday mornings at the Casuarina pool. There are limited spaces in the afternoon session and subject to change on availability. For more information about class times, please contact us.



Description: Dolphin pups is the same lesson format as our Dolphin class in the School-Age program, except that there are four children in a Dolphin Pup class and five in a Dolphin class. In the Dolphin Pup class the children will be learning to swim Freestyle with good side breathing and Backstroke. They will also be introduced to somersaults.

Class Size: 4 swimmers

Duration: 30 minutes

Promotion Skills:

  • 16 metres of Freestyle with good side breathing

  • 16 metres of backstroke with good technique

  • Forward somersault

  • Dolphin kicks 

Timetable: This is a rare class and is best to discuss with over the phone for more information.

Dolphin Pups